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Embracing the concept of hybrid, W+K Tokyo Lab has been experimenting with new forms of creative expression to bring new experiences that can only be created in Tokyo. To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we released our 10th release, a hybrid package including a DVD+Book+Blog.

Tokyo.Ten is a project set up so that W+K Tokyo Lab, in collaboration with all the artists with whom we have collaborated in the 5 years since our launch, can express a range of “points” (点 in Japanese) relating to Tokyo. A point is a moment in time, a dot, a location, and a reason for doing something. What’s the point or mark that makes Tokyo different? A point of view, a physical location, a point or moment in time. What do you think of when you think of Tokyo? What makes Tokyo special?

DVD (70 min)
A best of selection of our music videos made through the collaboration of W+K Tokyo Lab and our artists over the years, the DVD contains 20 works. The DVD includes Maledict Car, a new single by new artist Jemapur and visual creator Kosai Sekine, and Hill, a visual masterpiece by Takagi Masakatsu available on DVD for the first time.

BOOK (256 pages)
The art book contains visual remixes of our 9 previously released albums in addition to new artworks by 42 artists from around the world with whom we have collaborated. Each artwork is a free expression of their visual points toward Japanese culture and Tokyo power. On the blog, users could see the participating artists’ inspirations and works-in-progress, deepening the experience provided by the book.

Ten Earl

Ten Genki

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W+K東京LABが、レーベル設立以来5年間でコラボレートしてきた全てのアーティストたちとともに、東京のさまざまな「点」を表現するプロジェクト。「点」は英語で「ポイント」。点という漢字を他の字と組み合わせると、英語の「ポイント」のようにさまざまな意味を持つ。たとえば1点、地点、要点、観点など。東京が他の街と違う「点」は何か?他と異なる視点、地点、時点・・・ 「東京」を考えたときにどんな事を思うのか?なぜ東京は特別なのか?

HIFANAやAFRAをはじめとするレーベルアーティストたちと、W+K東京LABのコラボレーションによって制作されたミュージック・ヴィデオのベスト・セレクション。さらに新人アーティストJEMAPUR×映像作家・関根光才による新作MALEDICT CARM、初のDVD化となる高木正勝のHILLを加えた全20作品を収録。


W+K Tokyo Lab | Tokyo.Ten
Released | 07.16.08