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Jemapur was born in 1986 and brought up in a family enthusiastic about classical music. He started playing the piano when he was a child, and by elementary school he was composing music in his own unique style. In the year 2000, he began composing music digitally. In 2002 he launched his own music label, and garnered attention by remixing overseas artists’ such as Nacht Plack and Machine Drum. He also wrote music for the Japanese MC unit 降神 (Origami) and Shibitto, acclaimed for their originality of expression. His work in 2004-2005 drew the interest of track maker and producer Nujabes, and Jemapur’s first full album, Dok Springs was released on Nujabes’s label Hydeout Productions in 2006. The album appeals to a wide range of listeners and has sold over 7000 copies to date.

Jemapur’s highly evolved compositional skills steeped in the classic tradition are perfectly hybridized with his acute sensitivities as a new generation beat maker baptized in electronic music. The tracks are deceptively simple constructions which, upon deeper listening, reveal themselves to be beautifully detailed and complex. His ultimate theme is exploring how his personal hero, J.S. Bach, would compose electronic music in these modern times. Recently, he is broadening his activities, and has joined with Audio Active guitarist Cutsigh to form experimental unit “DELMAK”.

Jemapur has evolved dramatically since his first album 2 years ago and Evacuation is his second album. The 14 tracks have been carefully selected from a massive repertoire of compositions created between 2006 and 2008. The DVD includes 4 fresh new music videos as well.

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1986年生まれ。現在21才。熱烈なクラシックミュージック・ファンの家庭に生まれ育つ。幼少の頃からピアノを始め、小学校の頃には独自の方法で作曲をはじめる。2000年頃より、コンピュータを用いた音楽制作を開始。2002年頃には、自身のレーベルを立ち上げる一方、Nacht Plank、Machine Drumといった海外アーティストの作品のリミックスや、独創的な表現で話題のMCユニット降神(オリガミ)、志人への楽曲提供などで徐々に注目を集めるようになる。その後、2004年から2005年の間に制作されたトラックの一部が、Nujabes(ヌジャベス)の耳に止まり、同アーティスト主宰のレーベル「Hydeout Productions」より、フルアルバムDok Springsが2006年にリリースされる。 幅広いリスナー層に支持され、現在までに7000枚を超えるセールスを記録。 



Jemapur | Evacuation
Released | 08.11.26

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