HIFANA Live+Documentary Premier on Dommune 11/23 Wed

Posted on November 23, 2011
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Hifana Documentary

先月のヨーロッパツアーも大成功におさめ、海外のコアファンも増殖中のHIFANAが、東京から最も刺激的なコンテンツを発信し続けるオンラインメディア「DOMMUNE」に初出演。ライブ前には、W+K Tokyo Labにより企画制作されたHIFANAの初ドキュメンタリーフィルム(尺13分)も、初公開されます。その後はWeb上にて無料公開予定。国内外で収録されたレアなライブ映像に加え、HIFANA本人及び彼らを取り巻く様々なアーティスト、クリエイターによる独占インタビューを収録。これまであまり語られる事のなかったHIFANAの音楽とヴィジュアル表現の核の部分に迫る内容が、スリリングに展開されます。お見逃しなく。

HIFANA will make their first appearance on Dommune, which is one of the most influencial on-line channel delivering amazing contents everyday.
Also their first documentary film (13 minutes long), planned and produced by W+K Tokyo Lab, will premiere right before the Live performance. In addition to HIFANA’s rare live performances in Japan and abroad, the film features exclusive interviews with HIFANA themselves as well as various artists and creatives who have collaborated with them. It uncovers in thrilling detail what’s at the core of their music and visual expressions.

Film Title: HIFANA
Release Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 (national holiday)
SOCIAL0.0LAB x DOMMUNE presented by Motorola PHOTON
Live:HIFANA, Falty DL, Olive Oil
To be premiered during the HIFANA Live starting at 9:00pm!
ドキュメンタリーフィルムは、21:00スタートのHIFANA Live内にて初公開!!
URL: http://www.dommune.com/

Production : W+K Tokyo Lab
Creative Direction: Frank Hahn
Director, Editor: Takeshi Kogahara
Additional Direction and Titles: Shane Lester
Producer: Bruce Ikeda
Interviewers: Bruce Ikeda, Takeshi Kogahara
ECD: Tota Hasegawa


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