Hifana European Tour feat. Chinza Dopeness

Posted on September 28, 2011
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Hifana European Tour

Hifana will be on European Tour from this weekend with following schedule with Chinza Dopeness. The tour starts with “La Nuit Blanche” which is the biggest art event in France including Tokyo Graphic Passport happening at Pompidou Center in Paris. Besides 4 cities mainly in France, they are also performing for Kaloobang Festival happening at Renion island which is located in Afraica, Indian ocean, near Madagascar island. Don’t miss the shows if you are around those area in this period.

Hifana と鎮座ドープネスによるヨーロッパツアーが以下の日程で今週末から始まります。ツアーは、パリのポンピドーセンターで行われているTokyo Graphic Passportを含むフランス最大のアートイベント「Nuit Blanche」からスタート。フランスをメインにした4都市以外に、アフリカ、インド洋、マダカスカル島の近くに浮かぶレユニオン島で行われるカルーバング・フェスティバルにも出演。この時期、周辺にいる方はぜひお見逃しなく。

10/1 (Fri) Paris, France
La Nuit Blanche / Tokyo Graphic Passport at Centre Pompidou

10/5 (Wed) Lyon, France
Riddim Collision Festival at Transbordeur

10/7 (Fri) St DENIS de la REUNION, France
Kaloobang Festival at Parc Expo

10/13(Thu) Barcelona, Spain at Razzmatazz

10/14(Fri) Nantes, France
Scopitone Festival at Stereolux


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