Jemapur Evacuation Video Preview

Here’s a taste of what you will get on the DVD of Jemapur’s new album, Evacuation, to be released on November 26th. Thanks to all our directors: Kosai Sekine, Max Hattler, and Genki Ito.

W+K Tokyo Lab presents Jemapur “Evacuation”

W+K Tokyo Lab presents
Jemapur | Evacuation
08-11-26 Release
CD+DVD / ¥3.200 (tax-in) / TOCT-26744 / WKM 011
01. Break The Silence
02. Panter Time
03. Clarte (feat. Cutsigh)
04. Repetition At Dawn
05. Keep It Loose With Loose Joints
06. Maledict Car
07. Documents
08. Stern
09. Invisible Departure
10. Reprocessing Plant
11. Vexations
12. Aanaatt
13. Witch’s Blue Remix
14. Nook
01. Beneath The Water […]

Hifana at Diesel XXX

Hifana is performing at the DIESEL XXX event at Makuhari Messe on Saturday 10/11. DIESEL XXX is a music event featuring a lot of big names celebrating Diesel’s 30th anniversary. Go check it out!

+cruz to Speak at Design Conference “High5”

HITSPAPER is organizing a design conference called HIGH5 2, and W+K Tokyo / Tokyo Lab creative director +cruz is invited as one of the speakers. The theme of the conference is “Black Box”. Our brains constantly input information and output through art, words and sometimes emotions. The discussion will explore the unspoken editing process behind […]

Tokyo.Ten comes to LA

For peeps in the socal area, next month will be your chance to see the Tokyo.Ten exhibition we did in Tokyo at the launch of the Book+DVD, including prints of all 42 artworks from the book, visual remixes of our past releases, and projection of our video works. Of course you’ll also be able to […]