Tokyo.Ten Book Fair: Lecture Tomorrow

Just a reminder that we’ll have an in-store talk session+book signing tomorrow, Tuesday, 7/22 at the Roppongi branch of ABC. Please come and check it out! There’s some info about the event from ABC in Japanese here. W+K Tokyo Lab, work shop + book signing Tues. 7/22 20:00-21:00 Place: Aoyama Book Center Roppongi

Tokyo.Ten : Process Exhibition Starts

The second phase of the Tokyo.Ten exhibition went up this week at Claska, on the third floor gallery, Studio Claska. The show features personal print and video works by +cruz, Woog, Shane Lester, Sun An, Genki Ito, and Marek Okon. The 42 artist artworks are still exhibited as well, mostly on the second floor, shop […]

Tokyo.Ten Book Fair in ABC Roppongi

Tokyo.Ten is currently hijacking the Roppongi branch of Aoyama Book Center. You can see a lot of our posters around the store, browse the new book and DVD, as well as grab all our past albums, and some other design books and DVDs related to the some of the artists who contributed to Tokyo.Ten. Go […]

W+K東京LAB presents Tokyo.Ten : Live

W+K東京LABは2003年の立ち上げ以来、HIFANA、高木正勝、AFRA、DJ Uppercutの作品を、ほぼすべてのタイトルで、DVD+CDという形態でリリースしつづけている。ハイブリッドをコンセプトに、さまざまな要素を融合させた音楽をリリースするだけにとどまらず、早くから音楽を軸としたオーディオビジュアル体験を創出することに着目。今、ここ東京でしか生まれない表現を追求しつづけてきた。レーベル設立5周年、記念すべき10枚目のリリースはDVD+BOOK+BLOG で構成された“TOKYO.点”。このリリースをセレブレイトするライブイベントを、LIQUIDROOMで開催する。ここで、新しい体験を垣間見ることができる。ここから、新しい旅がはじまる。つぎの“点”へ。 Since W+K Tokyo Lab was launched in 2003, we’ve continued to produce CD+DVD releases for our artists Hifana, Takagi Masakatsu, Afra, and DJ Uppercut. Embracing the concept of hybrid, all our releases have been experiments in audio-visual expression and beyond, while striving to create a new experience that could only be born […]

WKTLAB in this month’s Eyescream

+cruz, Woog, and Shane have been interviewed in the current issue of Japan’s Eyescream magazine. The issue is themed around Machintosh, and you can read our thoughts about Apple in there, as well as see a silly photo of Gino and I. Other interviews are with Hiroshi Fujiwara and Sk8thing, Tsuyoshi Takashiro, Ukawa Naohiro, Shinichi […]

Tokyo.Ten Opening Party

The opening party of Tokyo.Ten was held last Friday and was a huge success. Here’s a couple photos for a small impression, but a bunch more are on the Tokyo.Ten blog. Look out there for more Ten related events coming up soon, and the book+DVD will officially go on sale 07.16.