Jack 01.14.2007

Remembering a dear friend of ours, Jack Peng “Shih-yeh”… Last year at Jacks final home in Khaosiung, Taiwan 02.05.2006. We celebrated him as he would have wanted us to. Some images from our last job together – Nike Pro shoot in Barca Oct 2006, having coffee at ESCRIBA. Mad respects… Peace out Brotha Peng!

French TV Channel ‘ARTE’ Interviews Hifana

フランスのテレビ局「ARTE」がHIFANAを取材 フランスとドイツで影響力のあるテレビ局「ARTE」クルーが来日。オープンしたばかりのハイファナのスタジオにおいてデモ演奏を撮影、ロングインタビューの収録を行った。プロデューサーのクリス・アロンソいわく、「これまでに多くの日本人ミュージシャンを取材してきたが、正直、HIFANAはベスト。独創性に富んだ素晴らしいアーティストだ。」 ARTE, one of the most influential TV channels in France and Germany shot Hifana’s demo performance and interview in Hifana’s recently opened Tokyo studio. Producer Chris Alonso says “We have seen a lot of Japanese musicians, but to be honest, Hifana is the best. They are great artists who have superb originality.”

UtterRubbish: Useless Products

It was a while back that we contributed some designs for UtterRubbish, a design conference based on themes of ecology and value in design that went down in Singapore. Our designs were produced into limited tyvek jackets, as well as some tyvek and canvas eco bags. We based our elements all from the trash in […]