Osaka Part Deux

Meanwhile, Shane finally imports the photos from his camera… The view from our hotel. It was an old one, scheduled to be demolished soon. Reception at the event. Our flyers were laid out at the front. Preparing the stage. Our friend Makoto’s shop, Love Buzz. His prized NKOTB towel, in the store. Captain Picard beamed […]

BACA-JA In Osaka

11/13(火)に大阪大学で行われたBaca-Jaという映像コンテストの授賞式で、W+K Tokyo Labによる約90分のワークショップが行われた。会場には、全国の学生、業界関係者、メディアアーティストの宇川直弘氏、ポリゴンピクチャーズの塩田周三氏など含む審査員達、約200人。終了後、オーディエンスからは、「Tokyo Labの生の声を直接聞けるスゴイいい機会だった」「制作過程のエナジーの集積密度に感動さえおぼえました。」「ビデオの情報量が半端じゃない」などなど、とてもいい反応、コメントを頂いた。 W+K Tokyo Lab hosted a 90 minute long workshop at Osaka University on 11/13, as part of Baca-Ja (Broadband Art and Contents Awards Japan). The audience was a mix of students, creative industry people, and judges including media artist Naohiro Ukawa, and Shuzo Shiota, the president of Polygon Pictures… a total […]

onedotzero – Motion Blur 2

Recently, onedotzero’s flagship book, Motion Blur, was released in its second edition. This is a beautiful book that is a little bit pricey, but honestly completely worth it, especially for those keeping tabs on the evolution and relevance of contemporary digital moving image. Its packaged in a neon green slipcase, its BIG, and the cover […]