Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from W+K Toyko Lab. Above: +cruz, Woog, and Shane by Atsuko Takeshima.

Hifana in “dafunkest” at Makuhari Messe

12/8(土)幕張メッセで行われるDaft Punk来日公演「dafunkfest」にHIFANAがオープニングアクトとして出演決定。 Hifana will be performing as the opening act for Daft Punk’s Japan concert, the “dafunkfest” to be held at Makuhari Messe.   Saturday / 12/8/2007 Open / Start 15:00 Tokyo Makuhari Messe Event Hall (capacity 9,000) Live: Daft Punk, sebastiAn, Kavinsky, Hifana…and more! Tickets: ¥8,000 / Available at Pia, Lawson, CN, ePlus Organizers: […]

Heineken Music Presents “Connect ‘07” Kokugikan

相撲中継で有名な両国国技館(東京、墨田区)において行われる史上初のオールナイトクラブイベントにハイファナが出演。   「日常の中の非日常」と「和」をコンセプトに、日本初の試みとして両国国技館をクラブ化したイベントが行われる。DJには、ダンスミュージックの第一線を20年以上に渡って走り続けているFRANCOIS K.、電気グルーヴとしても世界的に活躍する石野卓球、国内屈指の動員数を誇るDJ/音楽プロデューサーの大沢伸一が出演。LIVEには、HIFANA、BOOM BOOM SATELLITES、GILDAS & MASAYA (KITSUNE)が決定。土俵として使用されている場所をダンスフロアになり、やぐらはそのまま設置される。750個の提灯の中に仕込んだLEDを使っての大規模なVJセットが展開される予定。(演出、照明 AIBA) ダンスフロア周辺では、ちゃんこ鍋の販売や縁日風の出店(でみせ)が出店。 HIFANA will perform at the first ever all-night event to be held at the famous sumo stadium, the Ryogoku Kokugikan (in Tokyo’s Sumida district).   Japan’s first ever club event at the Ryogoku Kokujikan will be held under the concept of “The Extraordinary in the Ordinary” and […]


We’ve been invited to give a lecture / workshop at Osaka University in November. The event is called Baca-Ja (Broadband Art and Contents Award Japan), and its main sponsor is KTV, Kansai Television. Our presentation will be on November 11th from 16:15-17:45.

W+K Tokyo Lab in Territory

Our friend Juan from Big Bros Workshop, KL, Malaysia publishes one of the world’s most beautiful design magazines. Unfortunately, much of the world probably doesn’t know about it. Even in Japan, where we import everything, I have yet to see the newest issue in any stores, although some back issues do remain available in select […]

+cruz and Woog Interviewed in Sound & Recording

+cruz and Woog, co-directors of Connect, our newest music video for Hifana, were interviewed about the piece in the September issue of Sound & Recording magazine. Go grab a copy!

+cruz Lectures At Seoul University

Recently, W+K Tokyo Creative Director / W+K Tokyo Lab Director +cruz gave a lecture on ‘Sport and Design’ and a workshop about hybrid culture at Seoul University’s KDRI (Korean Design Research Institute).

W+K Featured In Kokoku Hihyo

Premier Japanese Advertising Journal, 広告批評 (Kokoku Hihyo), featured Wieden+Kennedy in its most recent issue. In fact, virtually the entire issue is devoted to W+K! The article visits every office globally, featuring interviews of all the key players, and of course, the work. This is perhaps the most comprehensive picture available of W+K work and culture […]