Takagi Masakatsu in The Japan Times

The Japan Times covers Takagi, and his recent performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, USA as part of the Japan! Culture+Hyperculture series. The Japan Times article can be read here, and the performance can be seen here.

UtterRubbish: Useless Products

It was a while back that we contributed some designs for UtterRubbish, a design conference based on themes of ecology and value in design that went down in Singapore. Our designs were produced into limited tyvek jackets, as well as some tyvek and canvas eco bags. We based our elements all from the trash in […]

W+K Tokyo Lab in Territory

Our friend Juan from Big Bros Workshop, KL, Malaysia publishes one of the world’s most beautiful design magazines. Unfortunately, much of the world probably doesn’t know about it. Even in Japan, where we import everything, I have yet to see the newest issue in any stores, although some back issues do remain available in select […]

+cruz Lectures At Seoul University

Recently, W+K Tokyo Creative Director / W+K Tokyo Lab Director +cruz gave a lecture on ‘Sport and Design’ and a workshop about hybrid culture at Seoul University’s KDRI (Korean Design Research Institute).

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