Ground Riddim on Root Magazine

ROOT magazine (LA, web magazine) is featuring Ground Riddim, which is Hifana’s management crew / artist collective on their latest issue. Interview with Hifana, UC, Maharo, kimgym are available. You can download the digital magazine from the link below. LA発のデジタルマガジン、ROOT Magazineが、HIFANAのマネージメント/ アーティスト集団、Ground Riddimの特集を組んでます。Hifanaを始め、DJ Uppercut、イラストレーターのマハロ、ヴィジュアルクリエイターKIMGYMのインタビューなどを掲載。以下リンクよりダウンロードできます。

Hifana Connect Nominated in Space Shower MVA 08

We noticed that our music video for Hifana’s Connect has been nominated in the best CG/Animation category in the Space Shower Music Video Awards 08. Check out Connect, as well as the rest of the nominees here.

John Jay on the Tokyo Music Scene

John blogs for the NY Times with this overview of the Tokyo Scene, including the history of W+K Tokyo’s interaction with Tokyo music culture, and the impetus for the inception of W+K Tokyo Lab. The article is also reproduced in full below. The issues facing the music business — the growth of digital distribution and […]

Osaka Part Deux

Meanwhile, Shane finally imports the photos from his camera… The view from our hotel. It was an old one, scheduled to be demolished soon. Reception at the event. Our flyers were laid out at the front. Preparing the stage. Our friend Makoto’s shop, Love Buzz. His prized NKOTB towel, in the store. Captain Picard beamed […]

onedotzero – Motion Blur 2

Recently, onedotzero’s flagship book, Motion Blur, was released in its second edition. This is a beautiful book that is a little bit pricey, but honestly completely worth it, especially for those keeping tabs on the evolution and relevance of contemporary digital moving image. Its packaged in a neon green slipcase, its BIG, and the cover […]

W+K Tokyo Lab in Territory

Our friend Juan from Big Bros Workshop, KL, Malaysia publishes one of the world’s most beautiful design magazines. Unfortunately, much of the world probably doesn’t know about it. Even in Japan, where we import everything, I have yet to see the newest issue in any stores, although some back issues do remain available in select […]

+cruz and Woog Interviewed in Sound & Recording

+cruz and Woog, co-directors of Connect, our newest music video for Hifana, were interviewed about the piece in the September issue of Sound & Recording magazine. Go grab a copy!

W+K Featured In Kokoku Hihyo

Premier Japanese Advertising Journal, 広告批評 (Kokoku Hihyo), featured Wieden+Kennedy in its most recent issue. In fact, virtually the entire issue is devoted to W+K! The article visits every office globally, featuring interviews of all the key players, and of course, the work. This is perhaps the most comprehensive picture available of W+K work and culture […]

We’re Professionals

Tokyo Lab was featured in Apple Pro last week.

Disc Package Design

We recently discovered a large percentage of our packaging work featured in this book, Disc Package Design, edited by Jiro Ohashi, also known for his work with SAL magazine. You can see clearly on the front cover, a quote from Cornelius: Thanks CDs. Goodbye CDs. An epitaph of sorts for the arguably dying medium. Interestingly […]

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