The Lab Interview on HITSPAPER

Shane Lester and Bruce Ikeda had a long interview with HITSPAPER, creative portal web magazine. We talked about a bit of future possibility for the Lab too. (sorry it’s only in Japanese). シェーン・レスターとブルース・イケダが、HITSPAPERのロングインタビューを受けました。HIFANAのアルバム制作、W+K Tokyo Labの今後の可能性などについて話しています。 HITSPAPER


今週3月28日(土)六本木ヒルズ 52階 のマドラウンジにて、W+K Tokyo Labに よる初のラウンジパーティー “VIDEO MUSIC”を行います。 W+K Tokyo Lab is holding a lounge party “Video Music” this Saturday at Mado lounge / Roppongi Hills 52F. この日、六本木界隈では、街がアートと融合する「六本木アートナイト」というイベントが行われており、体長7.2メートルのロボット、「ジャイアント・トらやん」による火を噴くパフォーマンスなども行われます。 This event is a part of Roppongi Art Night fusing Roppongi city and art, organized by Midtown, Roppongi Hills, Suntory Museum, NACT and Tokyo city. More […]

Maledict Car in Japan Media Art Festival

Jemapur’s “Maledict Car” Music Video was awarded in the Entertainment Division/Visual Image Jury Recommended work at Japan Media Art Festival 12th. Exhibition is going on till 15th (Sun). Entrance fee is free. Jemapurのミュージックビデオ『Maledict Car』が、第12回文化庁メディア芸術祭において審査員会推薦作品として選ばれ、現在、国立新美術館にて上映されています。 作品の展示は2月15日(日)まで、入場無料。 Date From Feb.4th(wed) to Feb.15th(sun), 2009 (Closed on Feb.10th, 2009) 10:00 – 18:00 (open until 20:00 on Friday) Place The […]

+cruz and Bruce in Design&Life

+cruz and Bruce of W+K Tokyo Lab were interviewed at Design&Life, an online design/culture magazine. The whole issue is downloadable from this link, so check it out.

+cruz to Speak at Design Conference “High5”

HITSPAPER is organizing a design conference called HIGH5 2, and W+K Tokyo / Tokyo Lab creative director +cruz is invited as one of the speakers. The theme of the conference is “Black Box”. Our brains constantly input information and output through art, words and sometimes emotions. The discussion will explore the unspoken editing process behind […]

Interview with Bruce at Moonlinx

Bruce and Anthony from W+K were interviewed over at Moonlinx about the Lab’s Tokyo.Ten project, and live show that we presented this July at Liquid Room. Crescent, who is also featured in the interview, was one of our technology partners for Tokyo.Ten live who kindly lent us their expertise in real-time motion capture, making for […]

Tokyo.Ten Book Fair in ABC Roppongi

Tokyo.Ten is currently hijacking the Roppongi branch of Aoyama Book Center. You can see a lot of our posters around the store, browse the new book and DVD, as well as grab all our past albums, and some other design books and DVDs related to the some of the artists who contributed to Tokyo.Ten. Go […]

WKTLAB in this month’s Eyescream

+cruz, Woog, and Shane have been interviewed in the current issue of Japan’s Eyescream magazine. The issue is themed around Machintosh, and you can read our thoughts about Apple in there, as well as see a silly photo of Gino and I. Other interviews are with Hiroshi Fujiwara and Sk8thing, Tsuyoshi Takashiro, Ukawa Naohiro, Shinichi […]

Takagi Masakatsu in The Japan Times

The Japan Times covers Takagi, and his recent performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, USA as part of the Japan! Culture+Hyperculture series. The Japan Times article can be read here, and the performance can be seen here.

Tokyo Lab + Fader

We’re featured in the current issue of Fader Magazine Japan, you can see the cover below, so go pick one up! The feature is on “The Creativity of Music Visuals” and also includes Ukawa Naohiro, Easeback, and Anton Corbjin.

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