Video Music : W+K Tokyo Lab’s Lounge Party Report

3/28(土)マドラウンジにて、W+K Tokyo Labによるラウンジパーティー “VIDEO MUSIC”が行われた。プロモーション期間が短かったにもかかわらず、当初の予想を大幅に上回る400人以上が来場。いい音楽と、新鮮な映像によるハイブリッドな夜を楽しんだ。   W+K Tokyo Lab’s lounge party “Video Music” was held on 3/28 (Sat) at Mado Lounge. Despite the short promotion period, over 400 people showed up, which was much more than our original expectation. Everyone enjoyed the hybrid night of good music and fresh visuals. Riow Arai ソリッドなブレイクビーツで会場をわかせた。 Riow Arai crazed […]


今週3月28日(土)六本木ヒルズ 52階 のマドラウンジにて、W+K Tokyo Labに よる初のラウンジパーティー “VIDEO MUSIC”を行います。 W+K Tokyo Lab is holding a lounge party “Video Music” this Saturday at Mado lounge / Roppongi Hills 52F. この日、六本木界隈では、街がアートと融合する「六本木アートナイト」というイベントが行われており、体長7.2メートルのロボット、「ジャイアント・トらやん」による火を噴くパフォーマンスなども行われます。 This event is a part of Roppongi Art Night fusing Roppongi city and art, organized by Midtown, Roppongi Hills, Suntory Museum, NACT and Tokyo city. More […]

Pictoplasma In Photos: A Prelude

I can’t think straight to write something at the moment, so here is just a small collection of photos we took on our Pictoplasma adventure. More to come soon, with proper explanation.


3rd Pictoplasma Conference and Festival Berlin, Germany 19.03. – 21.03.2009 _ _ PICTOPLASMA and The House of Culture Berlin invited W+K TOKYO LAB to lecture and do a video installation at this years festival – PICTOPIA – in Berlin from March 18-21. During this time of year, Pictoplasma transforms Berlin into a […]


During the TOKYO.TEN 42 VIEWS OF TOKYO opening, we met Cesar Rodriguez and found that he flew down all the way from Vancouver to see us and the show. we did not know people in canada actually knew of us. Much respect and peace out to all our peeps worldwide. Thanks for all the interest […]

Tokyo.Ten comes to LA

For peeps in the socal area, next month will be your chance to see the Tokyo.Ten exhibition we did in Tokyo at the launch of the Book+DVD, including prints of all 42 artworks from the book, visual remixes of our past releases, and projection of our video works. Of course you’ll also be able to […]

John Jay on the Tokyo Music Scene

John blogs for the NY Times with this overview of the Tokyo Scene, including the history of W+K Tokyo’s interaction with Tokyo music culture, and the impetus for the inception of W+K Tokyo Lab. The article is also reproduced in full below. The issues facing the music business — the growth of digital distribution and […]

Jack 01.14.2007

Remembering a dear friend of ours, Jack Peng “Shih-yeh”… Last year at Jacks final home in Khaosiung, Taiwan 02.05.2006. We celebrated him as he would have wanted us to. Some images from our last job together – Nike Pro shoot in Barca Oct 2006, having coffee at ESCRIBA. Mad respects… Peace out Brotha Peng!